A sponsor of Baraga Radio is one of our partners who assists us with funding special projects, events, campaigns and initiatives.  In the past, our sponsors have provided funding for projects like:


    • Sponsor food for our staff and volunteers working at the office during one of our 10 hour long on air pledge drives, in summer and in December.
    • Co-sponsor our Annual Spring Benefit Events – Traverse City  or  Gaylord
    • Sponsor a hole at our golf outing
    • Give toward our new Main Office Capital Campaign in Traverse City


Sponsor a day of programming on our network in honor of a special person or event, click here to view more information about “Day Sponsorship”.  You will receive a special certificate, suitable for framing or gift giving.  To see an example of the certificate, click here.

There are a variety of ways that you can support and continue the work of spreading the Gospel message to the people and visitors of northern Michigan, just as Bishop Baraga did so many years ago.  For more information, see our “Get Involved!” page or call our office toll free at (844) 238-8508, or send an email to: info@theCatholicLight.com